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managed by S. Dey

About us

Please donate us! We know you can donate us easily but before donating to us you have the right to ask us, why will you donate us? We can say or explain to you why we are asking you for giving donation to us? I, Mr. Sudipto Dey have got a few experiences from my past days of life, when my wife was fighting with her cholangiocarcinoma (Pancreatic Cancer) and for her treatment I had gone to many hospitals in Kolkata and Mumbai like Appolo ,Tata Medical (Kolkata & Mumbai ),CMRI, Belview Nursing home, and Thakurpukur cancer hospital. All these times I have seen many children coming from very poor families suffering from cancer. Many of them lost their life within 2 to 3 years not only for the lack of treatment policy but also because they failed to continue their treatment due to their poverty. This number is not very few in such hospitals ! It may cross more than thousand ! I have lost my wife for this disease. She left me on 9th may 2014 at 6.40 am. Cholangiocarcinoma is a dangerous disease, it is rare in cancer. Among one hundred thousand patients of cancer only one to two patients are diagnosed of this disease. Survival rate of this disease is very poor. If surgery is possible then 1 to 5 years only, or if it is non operative then survival rate decreases to a maximum of 5 to 6 months . But there are many other general cancer patients also, who are little children fighting against various types of cancer, but most of them have chances to get cured by the treatment. Yet they cannot due to their poverty. For this reason we have taken the decision to make a film revolving around this disease and the whole money earned from this project will be donated for the child cancer patient of our country who belong to the group of poverty. We have tried to seek a producer for this project but no one has come forward. The reason is very simple: This project is a nonprofit making project and the whole amount of earnings will be donated for the poor child cancer patient of India and there lies the main problem. We, therefore have taken a decision ,that we the hole unit of “Shirshendur Diary” will collect money as donation for this noble job, we know the route which has been taken by us is not easy but we will fight, we will be obliged to receive your help too and we believe that one day victory will be achieved. We need your support and encouragement to prepare for the war against our defeats. Actually we the team of "Impression Media" which had already made a feature film, named "Shirshendur Diary" will make another film based on cancer and for this we are wanting Donation for the project and after releasing this film which money will be earned by us that hole amount will be used for the treatment for the poor child cancer patient. We are requesting you to get details about of our work ,please visit the link below..!awards/chrj Or Visit the Site .


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