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In addition to the classic support of German and foreign animal shelters by arranging dogs and cats, but also the optimization of the infrastructure (power and water lines) for animal shelters in Hungary and Romania as part of the fire extinguisher project, the following projects have now been added:

The sanctuary project for older and sick animals who get the chance to spend their retirement years on a warm sofa from the animal shelters. In this project, a horse and two cattle have now been ransomed and placed in sanctuaries and their maintenance is financed by the association.

Furthermore, the Seniors for Seniors project has become known nationwide for finding perfectly fitting animal companions for seniors who have been looking for an animal for a long time in vain and cannot get it. The association finances this win-win situation also on a permanent basis from its own resources by assuming the cost of species and feed, as well as transport services.

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Wir haben 87,75 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Tom T.  17 June 2021 at 03:11 PM

Yay, wieder ein paar Spenden für die Gnadenplätze bekommen - vielen Dank Euch allen!

Tierliebe Grüße
Euer Team der Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V., Düsseldorf

Folgt auch mal dem Hashtag #Federheim

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