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Members of Youth Leadership Front Foundation (Front) will embark on a general clean up exercise around Wamfie in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana and its surroundings. This will be followed by general sporting activities both indoor and outdoor games. Areas involve are soccer, volleyball, tennis, cards, ludu, race, and other local games. This will be done to create attention to the programme.
(b)Day two:
Public lectures and video documentaries on HIV AIDS
The second day of the programme will be for the HIV AIDS awareness campaign. There will be series of lectures which will involve resources persons. Lectures will be delivered on the need for prevention and how one can be safe from HIV AIDS. There will be presence of representatives from the Dormaa East District Branch of the Ghana Aids Commission and Health Service. It will also involve visual display-documentaries and movies on HIV AIDS education.
(c)Day three:
The blood donation programme.
There shall be a free blood donation exercise in which all healthy members of the foundation are actively involved. The exercise will be supervised by the district health directorate of the Dormaa East District Assembly and the Ghana Aids Commission branch in the district. There will also be free medical service and HIV AIDS screening exercise for the participants.
(a) To educate the youth on the need to practice abstainace.
(b) To educate the youth on how to protect themselves from HIV AIDS infection.
-the use of condoms and contraceptives
(c) To create public awareness on the importance of blood donation for full participation in such activities.
(d) To boost the blood bank of the district hospital with blood for daily use.


Kumasi, Ghana West Africa

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