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Banner of Love Christian Resource Center

managed by V. Owusu

About us

We are a Christian Resouce center offering free christian literature to those that have no means to afford as well as scholarship and essay competition among students from low-income communities.

Banner of Love is organizing talent hunt where students from junior high schools will be offered the opportunity to exhibit their academic talents and gifts through reading and essay competitions. Students that come within the top 10 positions will be awarded with scholarship to complete their senior high school. Other scholarship schemes intended to be instituted include a need-based scholarship where students will submit yearly income of their parents against expenses to determine whether or not scholarship would be awarded. This will ensure only students who are in need are awarded with scholarship to give poor people the chance to attend higher education. This scholarship scheme will be awarded to 10 students that have gained admission into higher education but have no funds.

More information will be supplied later. In the mean time, we invite all potential sponsors to contact us and add their names to our patron list. We are also looking for Board of Directors to administer the programme.

We are looking for potential sponsors to adopt this programme to be impleted every year.


Andy Pat Building, Sakumono

V. Owusu

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