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Green Olive e.V.

managed by C. Hinterstoisser

About us

„Green Olive“ is a registered voluntary association that exclusively and directly pursues non-profit and charitable purposes.
Our objective is the education of children and young people to enable them to find their own way into a self-sufficient life.
Our basic idea is: Helping people to help themselves.

One of the fundamental causes of poverty is the lack of opportunity to receive a sustainable education.
While the official school system in Kenya may make it possible now for many children to attend free public primary schools, any access of the kids to secondary schools and further education still remains practically out of reach for most families for reasons of costs. This is why we have decided to set up a secondary school institution.
The objective or our project is to enable young people, particularly those from economically disadvantaged families (living on the verge of povery), to benefit from a sound advanced school education leading to the state-recognized K.C.S.E. (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education).
The K.C.S.E. certificate opens the door for young people to embark on a qualified vocational training in a craft trade and/or commerce. As a general rule, it is not sufficient for that purpose to have finished the mandatory primary education (8-year primary school) only. Other concerns emphasized by our school project are actively increasing HIV/AIDS awareness, conveying possibilities for the use of alternative energy sources (solar power) and permanently alerting our students to the risks and potential consequences of substance abuse by addiction and drug prevention programmes.
In early 2006 we began to set up in Kilifi county, Rokka-Tezzo ward, on our own initiative and using our own financial resources, what is today the „Lakewood Green Olive High School“. By founding the charitable „Green Olive“ association at the end of 2006 we were able to continue developing the project with the help of donations, and thus the school began to be operational, with 40 female and male students, as early as February 2007. The school has always been organized in such a way that it can provide places both for day students and for boarders.
By now, we have been able to extend the school building and further develop the infrastructure of our institution so that currently up to 120 students can attend our classes.

Latest project news

Ich habe 50,00 € Spendengelder erhalten

  C. Hinterstoisser  05 September 2017 at 03:16 PM

Der Neubau der Mensa nimmt Gestalt an!
Durch die vielen Gönner unseres Vereins können wir unsere Schule in Kenia weiter ausbauen.

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