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Freundeskreis der Straßenhunde in Campulung e.V.

managed by S. van Staveren

About us

The German Animal Protection Association "Freundeskreis der Straßenhunde in Campulung - Hilfe für Tiere in Rumänien e.V." supports and promotes the shelter "Asociatia Anima" in Campulung, Romania which takes currently care of 885 mostly former street dogs. The ultimate aim is to improve the situation in the long term and to stabilize it.

Besides ensuring the daily feed rations of 10,500 kg per month and medical care, including vaccinations, the neutering and marking the dogs with microchips are the ongoing challenges the association is trying to cope with donations. The fair pay and social benefits for the 11 shelter employees devotedly taking care of the stray dogs is also paid out of donations.

Since October 2013, the association is offering regular castration projects in Campulung and the surrounding - even for privately held dogs. Preventing unwanted offspring is the only way to avoid further suffering and improve the situation on the long term for humans and animals. For this aim realistic population educational work is needed and we help them to "help themselves".

The shelter has to leave the ground after 12 years. Therefore the building of a new animal shelter - according to EU standards - is mandatory. The association would like to offer a species-appropriate and safe home, in which the mostly former street dogs can be taking care of without fear of torture and killing.

Latest project news

Wenzels Tierheimrundgang in Campulung 2019

  A. Sander  14 August 2019 at 03:09 PM

Das möchten wir Euch keinesfalls vorenthalten:

Wenzel, ein vierbeiniger ehemaliger "Bewohner" unseres Tierheims in Campulung reist jedes Jahr mit seinen Menschen in die alte Heimat, um seine früheren Kumpel auf 4 Pfoten zu besuchen und den Fortschritt unseres Tierheimneubaus genaustens zu begutachten.

Doch schaut doch einfach selbst, was er dieses Jahr erlebt und gesehen hat und wie sein Urteil über den Stand unseres Tierheimneubaus ausfällt ...

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