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Förderverein Aguayuda e.V.

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About us

The focus of our work is Colombia’s drought-stricken, impoverished La Guajira region, where 84% of the rural population have no access to clean water and 96% do not have improved sanitation. As a result, they suffer from water-related diseases.

Since 2006, Aguayuda has been providing sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to these vulnerable people in collaboration with communities, authorities and project partners. In 2016, Aguayuda joined the WaterAid America family.

Förderverein Aguayuda e.V. supports the work in Colombia with fundraising activities in Germany.

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  betterplace-Team  15 August 2017 at 04:44 PM

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dieses Projekt wurde von der Organisation Aguayuda abgebrochen. Der Abbruch des Geldspendenprojekts erfolgt gemäß Ziffer 7.5.2. unserer AGB für nicht steuerbegünstigte Organisationen und Projekte. 

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