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"Kids Care Foundation"

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About us

Kids Care foundation-Nepal (KCF-Nepal) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit community based organization registered at District Administration Office, Kathmandu on April 7, 2014 and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council. The young and committed people, who believe education as a tool to transform the lives of children, have founded Kids Care Foundation. We believe grassroots approach to humanitarian work is needed to transform the lives of deprived children.

Kids Care Foundation evolved from the commitment to bring positive changes in the lives of unprivileged and disadvantaged children through education. KCF is dedicated to bring smiles on the faces of deprived children. It provides support and homage for most vulnerable and neglected children. Kids Care Foundation believes that all children regardless of their birth deserve quality of life to grow up to be responsible citizens and good people. We are a family-first organization and we try our best to let them sit with their parents and families. We can feel how traumatic is for the children to separate them off from their parents as children can feel the bond of love from their parents only.

We believe parents and families have the most direct and lasting impact on children’s learning and development of social competence. When this is not feasible, we bring them back at our home. We believe children to be honest and thoughtful, to stand up for their principles, to care about others, to act responsibly and to make sound moral judgment, and to fulfill all these obligations Kids Care Foundation devotes itself making them come true come rain or shine.


Kapan, Narayan Chowak

K. Foundation

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