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The ProWorld Fund

managed by R. Webb

About us

The ProWorld Fund is an American registered 501 (c)3 organization set up to support projects in three portfolios: Health, Environment, and Social and Economic Development. These projects are executed in Belize, Mexico, India, Thailand and Peru. Our projects are small to medium sized and highly grass roots. We have subsidiary offices in each country location where full time project teams research and develop project proposals in conjunction with local community leaders.
Our methods are distinct in that we subsidize much of our project work and offset substantial portions of our administration costs by generating income through a volunteer placement service. This service entails our affiliated in country not for profits organizations receiving fees from individuals wishing to visit the project sites and share in the work being done. This model reduces the burden of administration costs on our projects and allows us to operate at an extremely high level of efficiency in producing social impact for given amounts of project funding.


264 Canal Street Suite 4W
New York

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