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About us

TEACH FOR INDONESIA ( TFI ) is a Community Programs that are concerned about the learning aspect of the concept of community development that aims to make the community can be independent and can improve the quality of life of the community , especially for future children .

TFI program are :

Referring to the community and learning Coaching

Why Volunteer ?

The soul of a concern is that sincerity to be a volunteer program at TFI and TFI is a non -profit program , all forms of contributions from donors is used 100 % for the realization of the program


A program is not just a concern or sympathy donations shortly . But rather how we can together strive to provide someone with the opportunity to improve the quality of community life . For that it takes commitment and scheduled programs as well as continuing until at one point it is determined that they already have to be independent .

Community Development and Learning

Education is the first step a person can open up horizons and thoughts . For this reason in the packaging TFI program , we always start with learning the basic foundation of a series of development activities .


TFI , are owned by any person / organization who wants a commitment to join the program . That is why TFI need and obligation to be able to appreciate any form of commitment that has been done . Update information on the use of funds , and the realization of the program of activities carried out continuously . And can be checked by the general public through
money you send to us will be donated to the victims of natural disasters and to finance the event which will be organized for poor children. Thank u for your helping


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