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Rowama Enterprises

managed by Rose M.

About us

Rowama Enterprises is an organisation that was registered in 2012 in the Republic of Kenya that specializes in community development programs in the area of child education, clean water and sanitation, food security as well as environmental conservation. It is based in Nyeri County, Kenya which is 152 km from Nairobi.The organisation strives towards going the extra mile towards creating a positive impact to the community through community team work and awareness creation.
Our mission is to positively impact destitute communities in the key areas of education, clean water, sanitation, food security and environmental conservation.
Our core values which are the guiding principles in our operations are;
1.Environmental Accountability- We believe that we are caretakers of our environment and the surrounding communities and it is our responsibility to nurture and safeguard the environment we live in.
2. Selflessness- We undertake our community projects with the benefit of the community in mind whereby we dedicate our time, resources and skill towards community development.
3. Teamwork- We work hand in hand with beneficiary communities making them team players in our programs as well as place high value in their value and input
4. Integrity- We carry out our activities with professionalism and openness creating an atmosphere of transparency and accountability.
Our focus in the community is mainly children because they are the majority negatively affected by the society hardships mainly in the slum areas which have no basic sanitation facilities hence exposing them to hazards such as Typhoid, Dysentry and Cholera which leads to massive children fatalities.
Rowama Enterprises plans to carry out a project with the following key objectives;
1. To develop an educational centre that will develop the destitute children holistically i.e, physically, socially, psychologically and spiritually.
2. To make life better for the destitute children by providing the bare basic human needs.
3. To create a home for them where they belong -- and from where they will graduate and become members of the community where the home is.
4. Be in a position to provide for the destitute children;
a. Shelter, clothes, feed, educate and offer clean drinking water for about 1,000 destitute children in Kiawara slums.
b. Offer employment opportunities for the communities poor members.
c Imrove the Sporting and games talents in these children --which gives them other non academic career opportunities.
d. Reduce child labour, drug abuse, irresponsible behaviour and criminology.
e. To promote International relationship with the Donors country.
This will be the flagship project for this year and the impact location will be Kiawara Slums in Nyeri County, Kenya. The key needs that will be addressed by this project include;
1.Basic Education and Literacy
2. Health and Sanitation
3. Economic and Social Empowerment