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Most orphaned children with family ties are supported by extended families.DHA provides education support,medical attention,school uniforms and scholastic materials to these children.With out it,these privileged children would have no access to education and medical care.
We have got a number of ministry opportunities for volunteers from all parts of the world.Our short term volunteers stay with us for a period of 1 week to 3 months.
For those willing to serve on along term,we have opportunities that run for a period of between 6 months to 12 months(one year)
We are glad to host any of the two categories that are willing to come and we serve.
Volunteers need not any theological qualifications but need an openness of heart and mind having flexibility to serve as need arises,we have opportunities for lovers of children and animals who desire to share their lives with our children .Volunteers here can use their professions as advantages,but no specific prior training is required .This category includes sponsors.
To mobilize community members in order to increase their knowledge, equip them with skills for self reliance and to live a qualitative life.
Promoting community based health, nutrition, water and environmental sanitation among people in poor communities.
Enhancing prevention measures against HIV/AIDS and offering home, school, institution, market and family HIV/AIDS prevention drives and cancelling.
Promoting initiatives among communities to mobilize members for the care of individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.
Offering moral guidance and services to persons including children, youths and adults.
Operating vocational training centers to empower the learners to live meaningful lifestyles.
Establishing and operating educational institutions to promote academic excellence.
Establishing children’s foster homes and caring of the vulnerable children in communities.
Empowering the need member s of the community participate in income generating activities for the socio-economic transformation of their homesteads.
Operating a revolving micro-finance scheme for poverty eradication among the community and children’s foster families.
1. To mobilize and bring together youths, children, school dropouts and single mothers being the most disadvantaged group into and nature them to a qualitative life.
2. To mobilize the community to do voluntary community cleaning “Bulungi Bwansi” as one way of promoting sanitation.
3. To create a multi-prolonged community projects e.g. Tailoring, Rearing, Carpentry ,Computer training ,Catering ,Hair dressing and cosmetology etc
4. To train youths, children, adults and school drop outs in different skills and to encourage them to work for the sustenance of their families.
5. To teach and encourage the youths and adults the importances of saving and investing” saving and investment culture




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