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Project Child Germany e.V.

managed by M. Kiefer (Communication)

About us

In spring 2014, some of the loyal supporters from Germany have joined under the leadership of Marvin Kiefer, to establish the non-profit association "Project Child Germany", which aims to promote future projects in Indonesia and ensure the survival of cooperation. We want to work together to lift the planned investments and to enable long-term maintenance of the project and programs in Indonesia.

Project Child is a local, community-based non-governmental organization (NGO). Its aim is to help on facilitating and empowering communities living near the coastal and river areas. These communities are most vulnerable concerning natural disasters and increasing pollution.
Project Child’s free education programs put special emphasis on lessons in environmental consciousness and healthcare.

The organization is founded on the belief that every individual can help another, in their own way. Project Child is driven by honesty, accountability, and community participation.

Our Work in Yogyakarta.
For four years the project Sekolah Sungai (River-School) has offered weekly lessons for children in Yogyakarta. The classes take place two times a week during the afternoon in one community. They are attended regularly by around 50 children. Lessons are taught bilingual in English and Indonesian by Indonesian and international volunteers.

The content of the lessons is specially geared to the children’s needs. They are enabled to learn in a playful way, for example by dancing, singing, painting, and crafting. All necessary teaching materials, as well as healthy food and drinks for physical well-being, are provided by the organization.

The project benefits from a broad network of volunteers who are, for the most part, based in Yogyakarta, for either study or work. Project Child also receives support from individuals and groups from all around the world. The expertise offered by our supporters indescribably enhances the progress of the projects.

Our Plan in Pacitan.
The project “Sekolah Pantai” refers to the establishment and development of a training camp, launched in early 2014. This is a new project under the auspices of “Project Child” in the coastal town of Pacitan on the island of Java, Indonesia. Close to the coast, the project will begin with a learning centre, established on a patch of land close to the coast. The goal is to create regional cooperation with vulnerable children and their families on-site and to establish our education program, which will also include outreach into local schools and other community institutions. Many of the programs tried and tested in our Sekolah Sungai program will be delivered in Sekolah Pantai, with the content relevant to the needs of the communities there.

Project Child puts a special focus on the efficient use of the resources generated through our partnerships. Although we only have limited resources and donations, we aim for gaining maximum benefits for the Indonesian citizens. To expand the potential of working sustainable with the communities we need a firm financial basis. Our long term program is to develop participations within the communities with the aim to help people help themselves. We are always seeking for new partners and supporters that are inspired by our work and want to become a part of Project Child.

Latest project news

Latest news

Unser brandneues Video & ein Ausblick auf 2018...

  M. Kiefer  22 November 2017 at 07:56 PM

Nachdem wir in den vorangegangenen Neuigkeiten bereits einiger Bilder vom Unterricht zeigen konnten, freuen wir uns nun außerordentlich auch das neuste Video unserer Strandschule präsentieren zu können. Die bewegten Bilder zeigen die einzelnen Bereiche des Geländes und Ausschnitte aus den ersten Wochen der Programme vor Ort.

Vorab dürfen wir auch schon verraten, dass die Pläne für das kommende Jahr 2018 bereits feste Züge annehmen. Da wir noch viel Platz auf dem Gelände zur Verfügung haben, soll es einerseits einen Garten zum Anbau von Pflanzen und Gemüse geben. Dort können wir mit den Kindern zusammen verschiedene Bereiche des Unterrichts perfekt praktisch umsetzten.
Andererseits soll es, an den mit mehr Bäumen bewachsenen Arealen, einen kleinen Abenteuerspielplatz geben, wo die Kinder an Seilen und Konstruktionen aus alten Autoreifen klettern und spielen können.

Man kann also gespannt sein wie es bei uns weitergeht und wir hoffen, dass sich weiterhin viele Menschen für unser Projekt begeistern lassen.
Für mehr Informationen freuen wir uns auf Ihr Feedback und gerne auch einen persönlichen Kontakt.

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