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Project Child Germany e.V.

managed by M. Kiefer (Communication)

About us

Main organization in Indonesia:

Project Child Indonesia is a locally-run, community-based NGO. It is Project Child’s focus to provide education and information to communities related to the working areas of basic health, environment and the impact of natural disasters. We identify through providing relevant and flexible solutions to specific community needs, delivered by using methods that promote participatory learning, efficient and creative resource use, and will have a sustainable and lasting impact on participant communities.

Sister organization in Germany:

In spring 2014, some of the loyal supporters from Germany have joined to establish the non-profit association “Project Child Germany”. Under Marvin’s leadership, the aim of this association is to promote future projects in Indonesia and ensure the survival of cooperation. We want to work together to lift the planned investments and to enable long-term maintenance of the project.

Latest project news

Latest news

Our Motivation - Some Numbers & Facts about our Drinking Water Program

  M. Kiefer  20 April 2018 at 04:02 AM

Safe, clean drinking water is a human right and one of the most valuable and scarce resources on our planet. Adequate water consumption is also absolutely critical for the survival and healthy development of children. Pupils in Indonesia spend one third of each day, six days a week, in school. Without adequate water in school, children’s overall health is jeopardized and their performance in school will suffer accordingly.

Currently very few schools in Indonesia have the resources available to supply school children with the requisite daily amount of clean drinking water. In response to this potential danger, Project Child is committed to installing water filtration systems at  schools in the district of Pacitan. The result will be to ensure access to safe, consistent, accessible drinking water, free of charge for pupils during school hours.

Since the year 2016 we already installed 48 water filtration systems at 24 schools and provide educational programs accordingly to this drinking water program. Altogether we reached 3.000 Schoolchildren with this program up until now. In the year 2018 we also want more schools at out location of the beach school “Sekolah Pantai” to benefit from this drinking water program.

We aim to install at least 5 new schools with filter systems and provide educational classes and workshops to students, teachers and parents.We estimate with an amount of 1.000 students and 50 teachers to be reached. Adding the families and communities which belong to the wider school community, our information materials can reach out to up to 3.000 people.

We are looking forward to receive your questions or feedback and gladly talk more about the activities around our drinking water program.

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