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Women and Children’s Aid for Development, Uganda

managed by E. BENON

About us

Women and children’s aid for development, Uganda was established in November 2013 to help the disadvantaged to reach their full potential by empowering them and providing resources that aid in becoming self reliant and resourceful to their communities.
HIV/AIDS is placing an increasing strain in families with many communities as the number of children requiring care and support has increased drastically. HIV/AIDS increases poverty and poverty makes families less able to cope with caring for additional children who also have inimitable needs and require specialized care and attention.
Women are the mothers of the nation and children are the leaders of tomorrow are our major focus future if we are to achieve development and social transformation in Uganda.
WOCAD desires to work with the neediest and most vulnerable children and women that we can reach with our programs. We realize that reaching the neediest children and women is rooted in a commitment to integrity both in the program and with sponsors and donors.




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