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lazarus group of hope Cameroon (LGHC)

managed by Maureen N.

About us

Lazarus Group of Hope Cameroon (LGHC) was created on August 17th, 2013 in Yaounde, Cameroon. The rationale for creating the group stems from the fact that many communities in Cameroon have oppressed and depressed persons (ODPs) in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, orphanages, prisons and in old people and family homes. The ODPs here refer to: the disabled, prisoners, orphans, widows/widowers, the elderly and bedridden.

In most cases, these ODPs cannot make it to church or social gatherings and have limited access to the word of God and other physical needs. In addition, they live with permanent caregivers (friends or relatives) who have abandoned their jobs to take care of them. We need to show people the love Jesus Christ has for each and every being, no matter the circumstances.

Many charity and secular NGOs reach out to ODPs only during festive periods and don’t spend enough time with them as they often plan to visit many ODPs in a day or two. More so, the spiritual growth and empowerment of the ODPs is often not a priority.

The few groups that preach the gospel to ODPs mostly focus on divine healing. This has caused many ODPs to lose confidence in the word of God as they hoped for a miraculous healing that is not forth coming. Lazarus group of hope Cameroon (LGHC) has come to “ADD VALUE” to the encouragement many secular NGOs provide to ODPs by enabling these ODPs through faith and empowerment.
Our Objectives:

1. Help ODPs to come to terms with their challenges in a positive way and assist them to move on;
2. Organize events in which ODPs are encouraged to develop their knowledge and experience of the world around them and the Christian Faith
3.Train ODPs to share their stories, thus making them stronger and sources of encouragement and inspiration.
4. Assisting ODPs in regaining a sense of belonging through vocational trainings
5.Lead ODPs into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ;



Maureen N.

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