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Padre Pio and His Work for the Sick and Poor

managed by J. Alvarado

About us

Our association is a nonprofit organization that has the goal to built the first humanitarian hospital in Costa Rica. Our model hospital is the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza in Italy, hospital that was created by the catholic saint Padre Pio in 1956. We have devoted ourselves in bringing this healthcare model to Costa Rica where prayer and science unite to bring a holistic medical practice to all the poor population in Costa Rica that have no medical assistance by our Social Security system. Costa Rica´s poverty line is over the 35% of the population and the uninsured population is more than 15%. Depending on the region, this might go up to 40%, primarily in the Northern part of Costa Rica.


Moravia Cond Corinto Casa 18
San Jose
Costa Rica

J. Alvarado

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