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SolarVillage Tamera

managed by B. Kovats

About us

Tamera is planning to develop the Solarvillage: a generalizable model for peace villages. The Solarvillage's purpose is to connect research in energy technology, architecture and ecology with social knowledge in a way that practical and theoretical knowledge in sustainability and autonomy develop.

We will build a test field in a designated area of Tamera - a 1 : 1 demonstration model.

Our goal is to implement the technology “Solar Power Village“, an integrated ecological and economical solar system, built using simple materials.
It will be applied and continually improved under the daily living conditions of the Solar Village project group.

The core of this system, the energy production greenhouse with the hot oil powered kitchen will be set up as a solar summer kitchen and include a Scheffler reflector, SK14 parabola-reflector cookers and cooking cases. Besides producing heat for cooking, the hot oil will also power a Stirling engine, which will provide electricity as well as mechanical energy. At a later point in time a biogas system is planned to complete the integrated energy system.

With the cooperation of Sepp Holzer the Solar Village project also wants to develop Tamera's permaculture food production capabilities and increase our self-sufficiency.

The Schedule:
By Summer University (July 29th – August 7th) the solar kitchen will be ready and we will be able to demonstrate the Stirling machine.

By mid October the whole test field will be finished: The greenhouse for the production of hot oil, the collector system with vacuum tubes, the Stirling water pump, which will keep a water cycle moving, the 1.5kWel Stirling will provide electricity, mechanical power and cooling 24 hours per day. The kitchen will cook with hot oil, steam and direct solar radiation, using the Scheffler reflector and other equipment.

The pond will be ready and the group will have gathered its first inspiring experience in living together with a future-oriented technology.


Monte do Cerro

B. Kovats

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