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United for Hope e.V.

managed by T. McCartney (Communication)

About us

United for Hope is a registered NGO committed to the empowerment of the poor and marginalized in rural India via sustainable and integrated village living.
Our guiding vision is that all development activities must be sustainable to be successful. This sustainability has three core areas:

1. Complete participatory process on the part of the community. United for Hope plays the role of facilitator, enabling the people to use their own leadership, initiative and decision making capabilities to create social and economic transformation. This is done through fully transparent and cooperative decision making processes and village ownership of the direction of development. Change will only occur when the motivation for development comes from the villagers themselves. It is an issue of empowerment. This is the root of sustainable development.

2. All projects are undertaken in the most environmentally way possible. Using the abundant natural resources in the fields of energy, agriculture, construction & health, projects will be designed to combine maximum benefit to the community with minimum impact of the environment.

3. Fully inclusive community living to embrace the most vulnerable in society especially women, children, disabled and the elderly in managed & sustainable community refuges. The greater community is to be governed by a self-written community charter which outlines the ethical conduct for fair and harmonious community living with special attention given to the empowerment of women and their involvement in the community decisions.

United for Hope works with the following pillars: Clean water, sanitation, renewable energy, education, environment and sustainable commercial enterprise. On a project level this involves constructing a clean water supply, building sustainable toilets, educating around sanitation and hygiene good practices, installing renewable energy for individual and community use, improving education through better learning facilities, empowering women and the marginalized through training, ensuring sustainable waste management and exploring commercial enterprises for the rural workforce. All work is carried out with full cooperation of the villages both strategically and in terms of labour and monetary contribution where relevant.

The aim is to create a fully self-sustaining and harmonious living environment for everyone

You can find out more about United for Hope on their website: or by following our Facebook page:
All questions around the project and donations can be addressed to:

Latest project news

Latest news

November Newsletter from United for Hope

  T. McCartney  13 November 2018 at 11:53 AM

Dear United for Hope Supporters,

The past few months at United for Hope have been very busy: we launched new projects, conducted awareness campaigns, recruited new team members and provided clean energy to local communities.

Menstrual Hygiene Product Service & Awareness Campaign
In rural India women often face great difficulties’ accessing sanitary pads, to use during their menstruation. Lack of knowledge and sanitary products can lead to poor hygiene issues, which can lead to dangerous diseases. Because of this, we have decided to source sanitary products which are reusable and made of antibacterial material. Unavailable anywhere else in the district, they create accessibility to sustainable and affordable menstrual hygiene products - and are accompanied by menstrual hygiene awareness campaigns with the aim to break taboos and create accessibility to sustainable products.​

Sewing Vocational Training
We are committed to empowering young women and forge their skills to improve their employability and income. To achieve this we have created a sewing class pilot project. This project involves the setting-up of four sewing machines in a fully furnished classroom. Our grass-root and sustainable approach has brought us to hire a trainer from the local village, and we are already successfully training 16 women. Our objective is to train women to have sewing skills so that they can have tools to be able to work and provide for themselves. In order to achieve the most efficient and effective results, these women are also offered the chance to participate in English and basic Digital Education, the last, is combined with an introduction to the basic principles of business and attracting customers.

Solar energy via PBKs - a success story
Meet Mr Pandey, one of our Portable Battery Kit (PBK) users. Prior to receiving one of our PBK connections, the Pandey family were using kerosene lamps to provide night time lighting, a solution known to cause respiratory problems. The family now has a safe, reliable and affordable system with added flexibility – they are able to charge mobile phones if required. Asked what his highest priority is, Mr Pandey answered: “providing a good education for my children.” The PBK service means that they can continue to study after sunset in a safe environment.

Thanks to continued efforts made by the local team in promoting the service, we have reached 130 customers, serving a range of households and small businesses across the community - and have a long waiting list for our next wave of operations.
If you would like to help more people access clean energy, we’d love to have your support.

New Team Members

United for Hope is growing! In the months of September and October we welcomed 3 new team members. Yasmeen joins us as Education Manager. Yasmeen is an experienced Educator having working in prestigious schools in South India and in Dubai. Formally a banker, she gave it up to become a teacher and now joining us, she will lead the expansion of our education programs which will see us reach many thousands of people.
Angelica and Emily join us as interns. Angelica is Italian and has already NGO experience working in S. America. She will work on the expansion of our social enterprises. Emily is from the US and just returned from a teaching year in S. Korea. She will be supporting Yasmeen to get our education programs up and running.
Welcome Yasmeen, Emily and Angelica. We are delighted to have you on board. 

Team United for Hope is grateful for your continued support and continues to review our successes and improvements to identify opportunities and drive further growth.We continue to expand, to open up more opportunities in rural India to create jobs, empower women, improve health and safety, and educate children for the future.In whatever way you have helped, whether through your donations, pro bono work, guidance, or sharing our story, you have helped make our important work possible, and we thank you wholeheartedly. We look forward to continuing our exciting journey with your support.

In gratitude,
United for Hope Team 
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