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To Kenya Forever

managed by T. Fenwick

About us

Our current projects are many, but recently we have chosen to focus on our most vital one which will make a major difference to many tiny lives.

The Upinde Centre will be a centre of hope for the tiniest babies of Kenya who will come to the centre at the earliest possible stage, when they are most vunerable and fragile. Each baby will be offered love, affection, medical care and a chance at life with every possible opportunity. Babies will then have the opportunity to find a family that can care for them long term and give them a long and happy life with everything they deserve.

Our ultimate goal will be to bring each infant to good health and wellbeing so that they can be adopted by a loving family. In the centre, there will also be environments for children who cannot be adopted for medical reasons or other reasons and the child can become a long term family member in a safe and loving environment.

Our age target is 0-2 year old's as this is when infants in Kenya are at the highest risk of abandonment and death. Many of these babies end up in poor quality hospitals and do not recieve the essentials of life and the ones who find orphanages are often placed in inappropriate homes that cannot cater to the complex needs of small infants.

We also aim to have a unit specifically for special needs infants so that babies with disabilities do not simply die or are left as they are now.

Of course, we cannot start saving the lives of these precious little ones without support. We have found the ideal property but it comes at a cost of AUD$109,000 which in the grand scheme of things is not s huge amount. It is a huge 4 story home in Kenya, East Africa which would meet our needs perfectly.

Latest project news

A starting place

  T. Fenwick  28 June 2009 at 02:14 PM

We have found the ideal property which would suit our needs perfectly (or as close to as possible!).

The house is 4 storeys, 12 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and multiple large rooms which could be used as either nurseries or playrooms. It is situated on 4.5 acres of red fertile soil which would mean that we can grow our own vegies to help us be self sufficent.

We are very confident that once we have a house to start, we can begin setting up the centre with nessisary equipment and resources to care for the babies in a quality environment. Once we do that we can open our doors to the many, many babies in need!

If we can collect enough funds for a donation, we will be able to secure the property. A 10% deposit would likely get us an assurance that it is ours! The property is very cheap for what it is and it has alot of potential so we are desperate to secure it ASAP.

Fundraisers are also welcome to help us get to this goal and if you are interested, please email me.

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