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Politik für morgen (demokratie + bürger e.V.)

managed by Andreas S.

About us

We are starting an independent social and ecology-election-campaign.
Because we want politics for tomorrow -- vote and request!

We act independent from parties and try to use this way, to get money for our activating election campaign.

Our request of our political network is a bipartisan civil engagement for gentle development of city, living environment and social needs in interest of social and ecological lasting. With sustainable we speak about a responsible and for our living environment (mankind, environment) stabilized and improved lifestyle and development. We appeal to a holistic view our diversed cultural and historical identity and individual human needs. The involved citizens and initiative practice together a platform for a political network and agree regular for united campaigns and further steps.

On the platform or with your help (eg. communication, homepage, file management) groups of people, who accept this self-conception and can organize it autarchic and on different levels (nationwidely, local, topic-oriented).

This project is a new initiative of people from Dresden, who are known eath other through the world heritage movement and other politicial associations (attac, Robin Wood, BUND, ADFC, VCD) and who are very active in different initiatives and campaigns (world heritage, architecture culture, protection of historic buildings and monuments, mobile without car: ITF & social ticket, against nuclear power, recycleable energy, education, etc.).

We wouldt like to use the experience and contacts our social engagement in new nationwide projects and campaigns, for a further development in the sense just as above-mentioned in the text.

Our first part of the project should be this activities:

Latest project news

Aktuelle Aktivitäten in den sozialen Netzwerken:

  Andreas S.  18 August 2009 at 05:09 PM

Du hast bereits einen Account in diesen sozialen Netzwerken? Dann verbinde dich mit uns als Freund oder Gruppenmitglied..

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