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Hundenothilfe Pro Canis e.V.

managed by c. hanstein

About us

Our vet and an alternative medicine therapist for animals treat and support the pets of poor people, mainly those who receive pensions, and other old people who canot afford medical care or food for their pets. We all work voluntarily without any support from the state. We cover the area of Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth, within the state of Bavaria. Since we started in 2007 we now treat about 80 animals a month for free, and we distribute food for the animals on the street, once a week. Somebody has to help these poor people and their pets; the alternative - like giving up the pets to a shelter - would be terrible for all concerned, because most of the animals have chronic diseases and would have no chance to find a new owner. And for the old people this is all they have left and surely we should not be so cruel as to allow their beloved pets to be taken from them.


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c. hanstein

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