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Rainbow Garden Village

managed by S. Mayer

About us

Rainbow Garden Village (RGV) has over 15 years of experience in individualized placements in voluntary work and internships in Africa and Asia.

Over 100 different volunteering projects are on offer by RGV. The following fields of activity are possible: social, medical, ecological and wildlife. Internships are individually chosen according to the participants’ wishes. The main focus of these placements lies in intercultural exchange and local sustainable development.

In Africa, the RGV countries of deployment consist of Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, and Uganda. In Asia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey are the RGV countries of deployment. Children, adolescents, women, disabled or disadvantaged persons, as well as endangered species and habitats benefit from the deployments and efforts of RGV volunteers.

In country Rainbow Garden Village has its own local team. They welcome and guide the volunteers throughout their stay. The RGV headquarters are located in Munich, Germany. The main office supports participants in the organization of their stay abroad, guides the work of the local RGV teams, and coordinates the deployment sites.

Since 2015 RGV has increasingly focused on the employment of quality standards as well as the commitment to social responsibility.

In certain projects, deployment is possible for underage participants (16 years or older). The duration of all placements must be a minimum of 4 weeks.


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