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Steady Vision Children Welfare Center

managed by S. Jaeger

About us

Our Mission

To reach, touch and transform the life of needy children by providing hope and to create a sense of love and belonging through provision of human needs and to lay a firm foundation of integrity and self reliance. Education, life skills, exploitation of talents and spiritual and moral upbringing are key to the preparation of future reliable and competent leaders.

About Us

The Steady Vision Children Welfare Center was established in the year 2005 with the main aim of reaching, touching and transforming the destitute children’s lives into more meaningful, hopeful and reputable in the community through the creation of a sense of love and belonging by provision of the basic human needs, and to lay a firm foundation of integrity and self-reliance.

Formal and basic education was given a priority for the realization and exploitation of fundamental life skills, talents, spiritual and moral upbringing towards a reliable and competent citizen and responsible future leader.

Project Location

The project is located in:

Village: Bombolulu along Mombasa – Malindi Road in the North Coast
Sub-lucation: Maweni
Location: Kongowea
Divison: Kisauni
District: Kisauni
County: Mombasa

The Population

Is is within a population of 778 people per square kilometer in which the highest number of poor squatters is found with a population of 55% living below the poverty line. Poverty and illiteracy are among the main factors that are known to be responsible for a great number of children not being able to access basic health facilities.

Poverty in Kisauni District in Mombasa County has been defined as inability to afford daily basic needs to support life, comprising of food and non-food items such as clothing, shelter and education.The poor have seen themselves to be deprived of opportunities to sustain life, a voice, right and value in the society.


To be the best globally recognized most reliable centre for the provision of reliable social welfare services to the needy children in academic, spiritual and social economic circles.



S. Jaeger

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