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About us

PlaNet Finance, organization of international solidarity specialised in microfinance, supports these financial intermediaries and increases their growth by federating them and providing operational services which enable them to strengthen their technical capacities and financial resources.

Every year, PlaNet Finance supports several millions of microentrepreneurs via programmes in near 60 countries around the world with a network of international permanent implantations.

PlaNet Finance Group
Through its various service lines, the organisation strives to meet the whole needs of a still-growing sector, in order to accomplish its objective of a financial sector open to all:

at the centre of PlaNet Finance’s activity, technical assistance allows to strengthen the capacities of the actors from this sector (MFI, banks, governments, professional networks) and of the microentrepreneurs themselves,
through its financing offer and financing consulting in debt, PlaNet Finance allows to increase credit lines and current MFIs’ growth,
through the MFIs rating, PlaNet Rating takes part of the global transparency of the sector,
with MicroCred, the organisation meets the demand in financial services from the poorest thanks to the creation of a Microfinance Institutions


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