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SALEM International

managed by M. Klötzer

About us

SALEM International was founded in 1957 by Gottfried Müller and is a charitable foundation with 130 Employees in Germany and a further 250 employees in Projects worldwide!

In addition SALEM is a non profit organisation, who in line with the their legal constitution and Christian-humanitarian values exclusively support non profit community projects. SALEM is active the following areas: Social Work, Development Cooperation, Education, Health and Nutrition and Environment Nature and protection of animals

The help that SALEM provides to people, animals and the environment is sustainable! Therefore all SALEM projects are oriented towards long term success. The financing of SALEM projects, including initial investment and running, costs is made possible predominantly through donations. In order to be as effective as possible SALEM works with a team of highly qualified Economists who follow strict principles of cost efficiency. In all our work SALEM makes a great effort to be as transparent as possible with all our Donors and the general public. In 2009 SALEM was nominated by EULER HERMES for a prize in the category "Best Financial Reporting for a Medium sized enterprise"

SALEM works nationaly and internationally. In doing so SALEM is open towards all cultures and offers help from a neutral standpoint. One of SALEM's special concern is to be able give children a better future. At the moment SALEM supports projects in Uganda, Ecuador, Togo anand Russia. Whoever wants to offer lasting help must take care of those who will help to build the future: Our Children! We at SALEM make it possible for disadvantaged Children throughout the world to develop and achieve their full potential. We belive that Education - whether Professional, Social or Environmental -is the deciding factor for the development of Societal and Economic development!

Latest project news

Wir haben 146,25 € Spendengelder erhalten

  M. Klötzer  05 April 2023 at 05:48 PM

Vielen Dank allen, die unser Projekt in Uganda unterstützt haben. Die Spenden werden für unser SALEM-Dorf - insbesondere für bedürftige Kinder sowie die medizinische Versorgung - verwendet.

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