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Kanduyi Children e.V.

managed by Esther

About us

Every day, many children in western Kenya have to fear for their future. Philip Oprong’ Spenner used to be one of them. As an orphaned street kid he learned at an early age that he had to put himself out of his misery – by studying and working hard. However, without financial aid, he wouldn’t be where he is today: As an esteemed teacher in Germany, he shares his enthusiasm for education and learning with his students.

In 2007 he founded “Kanduyi Children e.V.” which has enabled more than 170 students go through secondary school successfully. The organization supports girls and boys regardless of their religious or cultural background. The beneficiaries are selected by a corruption resistant randomized system and guaranteed limitless learning until graduation. Throughout this process we are supported by dedicated citizens of Kenya as well. In our Kenyan-German team, our cooperation is based on equal rights and mutual respect. Our work is governed by transparency, equality, and fairness.

Latest project news

Jetzt auch bei Instagram!

  Esther  12 September 2022 at 12:58 PM
Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer,
wir haben tolle Neuigkeiten für Sie!

Ab sofort sind wir auch bei Instagram unterwegs.
Dort können Sie regelmäßig Updates, Hintergrundgeschichten und Profile von unseren Schützlingen sehen.

Wir würden Ihnen gerne einen noch besseren Einblick in unsere Vereinsarbeit geben und würden uns freuen, wenn auch Sie uns folgen.

Sie finden uns unter:
Name: Kanduyi Children e.V.
Benutzername: kanduyichildren

Ihr Kanduyi Children Team! 🇰🇪 🧡

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