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Nadhifu mums power

managed by b. Mureithi

About us

We are a registered self help group whose main agenda is to cater for our members and society. We have an office in Githurai 45 division; we operate in villages like progressive, Githurai, kahawa Wendani, Mwihoko and Mwiki. The second phase of our operation will involve moving to Ruiru Constituency. The group was formed for the sake of young mothers. We empower them to be self sufficient as we create avenue for the society to benefit through vocational skills training
Following painful experience of seeing young girls coming to town getting unplanned pregnancy and going back upcountry. A married woman, who has unresolved issues with the husband, still goes upcountry, for lack of financial support. Once they go upcountry they become a problem to parent and society, worse they are discriminated and through that they become vulnerable end up adopting bad vice. We try to curb that by giving them job opportunities like doing laundry, baby sitting, and merchandising. We also give them vocational skills like embroidery, beading, hair-dressing and beauty training. It would be unfortunate if we only wait for married mums to step out of precious marriages and offer assistance, so, have programs for married mum to be mentored on how to be good wives. Those with serious issues go through counseling and we encourage them to attend with their husbands

The group activities will involve four objectives areas namely;
i. Women actualization
ii. Women Social & economic empowerment
iii. Fighting ignorance
iv. counseling



b. Mureithi

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