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Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt von 1858 e.V.

managed by S. Steiger (Communication)

About us

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) is an international conservation organisation founded in 1858. Our goal is to protect the natural diversity of species focussing on some of the most significant ecosystems of the world. We believe that biological diversity on earth must be preserved and protected not only for human beings, but as an end in itself.

- Protection programmes for highly endangered species
- Land acquisition to secure valuable habitats for flora and fauna
- Reintroduction programmes for endangered species
- Logistical support of national parks and other conservation areas worldwide
- Assisting public authorities and other organisations in the establishment and implementation of conservation areas
- Advising government agencies in conservation matters
- Financing and assisting animal census surveys
- Protection and regeneration of natural landscapes
- Conservation education

FZS is an independent, non-profit organisation. Our projects are financed through private donations, membership fees and bequests as well as investment returns from the “Help for Threatened Wildlife” Foundation. Financial support also comes from third-party funds such as other foundations and charitable trusts. FZS is momentarily involved in 44 conservation projects in 18 countries. One of our areas of focus lies in Eastern Africa, where our long-serving president, Professor Dr. Bernhard Grzimek invested much time and effort to protect Serengeti in the 1950s and 1960s.

We need your support - so that your grandchildren can experience orang-utans in the wild, so that Africa’s wildlife remains as fascinating as it is today and so that giant otters in Peru and European wild cats have a chance to survive.

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Latest project news

Ich habe 399,75 € Spendengelder erhalten

  M. Kauer  31 July 2018 at 04:11 PM

Seit Januar 2018 sind 10 neue Naturschutzbotschafter in der Ausbildung. Dazu wurden Exkursionen zu Wildnisgebieten in Deutschland unternommen. Unter anderem wurden das Biosphärenreservat Kühkopf und das Grüne Band, ehemalige Innerdeutsche Grenze, mit Führungen besucht.
Ziel ist es zu Beginn 2019 die Ausbildungsrunde abzuschließen und 45 qualifizierte Ehrenamtliche im Projekt zu besitzen.
Die Nachtlichen Expeditionen mit Lagerfeuer wurden mit ienem neuen Konept entwickelt dazu wurden Karten erstellt, Schleichtiere zur Pädagogik besorgt und Campinglampen und Feuerholz angeschafft.

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