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Xchange Perspectives e.V.

managed by Nik L.

About us

Our worldview

The philosophy of Xchange Perspectives grounds itself in the law of eternal interconnectedness of our diverse human identities. We trust that knowledge is universal, and thus is meant to be exchanged amongst us all. Through this sharing and communication of trust, Xchange Perspectives foresees a future of unity in diversity, a vital expression of peace.

Our contribution through media is the way we choose to partner with all actors committed to development and peace processes, in our collective aspirations towards equal, just, sustainable and all-inclusive social change.

Our values

The processes and goals of our contributions are grounded in fostering commitment and empathy, leading to transcendence, to finally reach for unity in diversity. Therefore we nurture the following values:

• Inclusiveness & participation >>> Unity
• Identity care & equity >>> Diversity
• A search for excellence & creativity >>> Transcendence
• Proactive non-violence & dialogue >>> Empathy
• Sustainability, transparency & accountability >>> Commitment

Our vision

We envision a world where all voices are equally heard and considered; a world where all people have knowledge, capacities and skills to share their views through media and shape what and how they communicate. A World where all people have the space to fulfil their need for expression, leading to an open exchange and reflection, stepping stones for peace.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €243.75

  Felix R.  23 January 2020 at 08:52 AM

The purpose of using these funds is to invest in external communications activities, aimed at showcasing our work to partners and the general public. This can be achieved for example, through investing in fortifying our online presence, through introducing and/or spreading the word about our work, which in turn lets more people know about the advances and commitment of our partners on the ground, in the areas and themes we engage in.

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