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I really need your help.For 20 years I'm taking care of different dogs on the streets, in shelters..2011 I heard the family Levic and how much they love animals, and living on a pension of 9000 received by Mrs. Levic sustaining with her two sons one of whom is mentally handicapped children.They worship animals and their property, keep 52 dogs that were brought from the street.Have nothing to feed them either, and still take care of him, and miles away on his back carrying sacks of food they get from the butcher.I find all that out, I went to the municipality and the association reported that I received on the basis of food and veterinary care for dogs.on the basis of the association, in 2011 we got the food for the entire year, 2012 gave us half a year, and in 2013, Veterinary Belgrade, which was given to us is that we have sought asylum logged in in order to continue to help us.And to do so, and that the commission passed, it would have to looks now as shelters across Europe, we are unable to reach it.Prayed for the help of friends and acquaintances to help me along to make the dogs to be as comfortable as possible.We fenced yard half, made a couple of boxes, houses, regularly ate, the vet had visited them.Now there you go see an accident, no trace of the old days when dogs were fat, when mistletoe shiny coat, necklace around your neck and you were healthy.We have no money to fence the yard all the way, and those who were released could easily go outside and there by a tractor and a car can wait for certain death..There are not enough boxes for all, and nearly 15 dogs in relation to the range of meter and neck collars do not have, but the rope, some houses do not have to hide them. Nobody comes from volunteers to set them, and do not have to come in, so the dogs get nervous and can not eyes to see.In addition to these pair of dogs who have homes, others were not protected from sun or rain.God forbid that some log off, it would be disastrous for another dog.Food once a day, and they get maybe half of what is normal for an adult male.When an injury or get sick, no vet is out, because he knows that have nothing to pay him, but the family Levic and still not giving up on them, and even if a shelter does not want to help them, and if you barely surviving of 9000 RSD continues to generously spend every penny of them spend their electricity and water, clean them and feed them.These are pictures that I took pictures today .. all we did was dilapidated and ruined, all sharing their little house, and some do not have them.They will have food for another two months after that, I do not know what will happen to them.Please help these people and dogs, they for 10 years in his backyard hold a huge number of dogs, they had no one but me has not helped, nor have they asked.They threaten to call the dogcatcher and will take all the dogs.. Could you help me that does not happen, they are the only paradise where they have food and what they need the most?if you could help me, I promise to send bills from the bank to you. Thank you and God bless you.I forgot to say that in their yard is 52 dogs and they live in a village near Obrenovac in Serbia.

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I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

  M. Jevtic  05 August 2013 at 05:31 PM

Thank you all for your help.This really means to them.I will buy them food, make a fence, house.Thanks again for all your help.Animals that really means.

A donation amount of €170.00 was requested for the following needs:

Money for food €120.00need for woven wire fence €30.00need reeds for roofs €20.00
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