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About us

APEST is a young organization working to promote education, health and tourism.


APEST is a young volunteer organization, apolitical and non-profit volunteers. It includes students, students, farmers, teachers, graduates, managers and artisans Kpalimé and elsewhere.

The Association for the Promotion of Education, contribute to the education of the population, health awareness, and promote tourism Health and Tourism aims.


The association aims to:

- Promote education and vocational training for young people;

- Implement programs for the preservation of the environment;

- Enabling people to have access to primary health care;

            - Encourage African culture and traditions around the world by promoting the circulation of ideas and people through international and intercultural exchanges

            - Develop ecotourism

Means of action

To achieve its goal and objectives, the Association for Education, Health and Tourism account, inter alia on the following grounds:

- The school-based intervention

- The organization of seminars, workshops, discussion, information, education and training for target groups (market);

- The development of partnership relations with other associations, organizations and state structures or not pursuing similar goals and objectives;

- Create and publish a newsletter

- Organize training courses and international work camps

- Prepare reports and briefs

- Human resources available (young volunteers graduates in various sectors)

- Financial resources: the contributions of active members and supporters, donations of any kind.


BP :608

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