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Its s the kiambiu slums, we have 200 children from kindergarten to class eight while 150 secondary school
Soweto is a slum which has many children not going to school despite the free primary education adopted by the government in 2003.
this is because the public schools are far from the slum, and still charge money to attend school , and most children in kiambiu lack the basic needs like food and would like to attend school when they have something in their stomachs thus lunch time feeding programme being crucial in our centre.
Most families like on less than a dollar daily and some do not have means of earning even that dollar , yet most households are huge with five children and above , some holds are headed by children themselves thus complicating issues more , some by single mothers who are infected by HIV /Aids , some by

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  joseph s.  10 April 2014 at 03:44 PM

gIRLS struggle to deal with issues surrounding menstruation. Sanitary pads or tampons are simply too expensive and out of their reach.

Many women and young girls have no choice but to use pieces of old foam mattresses, cut blankets, rags even chicken feathers, instead of a sanitary towel.

This is a huge problem, especially among school girls. Many are too embarrassed and nervous to go to school during their period in fact.

On average a girl is absent from school due to her periods for 4 days in 28 days each month loses 13 learning days equivalent to 2 weeks of learning in every school term.

In a year (9 months) these girls are missing upto 6 weeks of schooling, due to not having access to something as simple as a sanitary pad.


With a small investment in materials, we can begin providing reusable sanitary pads for the schools


With a donation of materials to these women, (Soft cotton which is absorbant, and polythene to protect it from any leakage.) the local women can begin producing these reusable sanitary pads. This will not only solve the menstrual sanitation problems, but create an income and allow these women to send their children to school too!

The sanitary towels are easy to use, they can be washed and used over and over, and they can last several months with it.

With each Sanitary towel we will also need to provide a sealable plastic bag, this will be to keep the towels in when they need to be washed.


With a  donation of materials we can provide enough sanitary pads for thousands of young women in schools

Thats not all though! Once we have provided the local schools with what they need, the excess material will be donated to the local women who manufactured them. This will provide further income and support for them and their families, it will also ensure that from that day forward, the thousands of young and old women living in Uchira and the surrounding villages, will have an affordable option when it comes to menstrual sanitaion


The project will ultimately help fulfill the girls  academic potential and help .

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