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CATHOLIC WORKERS’ MOVEMENT is a translation from Deutsch or German language for KATHOLISCHE ARBEITNEHMER BEWEGUNG (KAB).
KAB was founded by Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel Freiherr von Ketteler (1811 - 1877) in Germany in 1846.
Those who read the history of Europe are aware that in the 19th century, Europe was at cross roads mainly because of socio-economic factors. It shall be recalled that between the 14th and 17th centuries Europe experienced a wave of dramatic changes and new ideas in Art, literature and science. This period is commonly known as RENAISSANCE. This culminated in the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION in the 19th century. This is the time when many people in Europe rushed to towns (rural – migration) to seek jobs in factories
It is a time when the whole family, including children, was employed in those factories to earn a living. But the entrepreneur or factory owners and Landlords exploited their employees to the extent that many people still remained poor much as they all left their homes to work.
It was around this time that KARL-MARK authored and founded a practical but irrational approach to solve the poor working conditions of the poor wages. He urged workers to mobilize themselves and arrest all landlords andfactory owners and kill them! Then the workers could take over and own the land and the factories.
However, Fr. Emmanuel Von Kettler, opposed this un- Christian approach to solving issues a hand. Instead, he opted for an amicable means by mobilizing the workers into a lobbying force and use Christian principles and means to change the status-quo.
In 1846, he founded the Catholic Workers’ Movement with the aim to practice Christianity, work towards self-help and be a voice of the voiceless. By 1933, CWM had taken root and covered the whole the whole of Germany. In 1966, CWM was recognized and approved by the Holy See.
Today, CWM covers all the continents with very strong roots in Europe. Latin America, Asia and Africa under which CWM Uganda is proud to be part.


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