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Cultural Academy for Peace

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About us

About Cultural Academy for Peace

Here is a brief overview of the Cultural Academy for Peace followed by the areas
of work we would like to start off with. Since we work through out the year, and the
weather here is relatively bearable throughout we have no specifications on the time
during which the positions are available (June to September is the ‘monsoon’ season
when there is rain and the weather is cool and humid). We shall arrange for simple
accommodation for the volunteers in homes of our members. In general, we expect all
volunteers to be sensitive to the Indian Culture. Though English speaking volunteers
would be preferred, we also welcome non-English speakers who are willing to take the
extra effort and communicate creatively. The work place would mostly be at our project
sites at Cochin, Kerala. We can also try to accommodate visits to other projects and
organizations across the Country.

Cultural Academy focuses on a culture of active non-violence, determined to be in
solidarity with people around the world struggling for human rights, economic justice,
basic education and peaceful co-existence. We support and strengthen women's peace-
making initiatives globally.

Cultural Academy for Peace, an NGO established in 1984 has been committed to
the empowerment and rights of women and children. It envisions a society based on
peace, justice, reconciliation and respect for life, focusing on a culture of nonviolence,
determined to be in solidarity with people struggling for Human Rights. Cultural
Academy for Peace brings together women Peace activists educators and community
leaders striving to raise consciousness and create a culture of peace and social justice
in Asia especially in India. For women there is a continuous struggle for justice from
womb to tomb because women are the victim of unjust structures in the family, society
and the work place. Cultural Academy for Peace helps women to support themselves by
providing environment to come up from village councils to negotiation tables.

The main office which is the head quarters and functioning centre is responsible for
coordination of all the projects and activities of Cultural Academy for Peace is located in
Kochi, Kerala, India.

The Rehabilitation centers of Shanti Bhavan and Sakhi run by Cultural Academy
for Peace offer services to victimized women and children through out India. Cultural
Academy for Peace owns the record of rehabilitating and repatriating distressed Women
and children from various corners of the country especially victim of domestic violence.

Activities like legal aid, counseling, training programs, human right interventions,
women peacemaking programs and initiatives, promotion of interfaith dialogues etc. are
a part of its functional area. Also Cultural Academy for Peace serves as Mediation and
conflict management training center as well as a resource center, Referral services are
also offered by CAP in times of need.

The services rendered by Cultural Academy for Peace extends from grass root to
International level. Through various projects and initiatives spreads the message of active
nonviolence and human rights and thereby creating a peaceful and just society where
equal opportunity is given for the underprivileged and the poor.

Recognizing the activities in this field Cultural Academy for Peace has been declared as
Service Provider under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence, ACT 2005.

The main activities of Cultural Academy for Peace are:

Sakhi (Short stay home and rehabilitation centre for women and children)
Shanthi Bhavan (Night shelter for women)
Human Resource Department for Training
Women Peace Makers’ Programmes (WPP)
Non Violent Conflict Management and Mediation Skill Training
Gender Sensitization and Peace Building Initiatives
Village Integrated Development Programmes

Information on areas for volunteer intervention

To start off with we have identified the following four areas where we could use the
assistance of volunteers:

I. Documentation and Communication Officer

1. Project Host: Cultural Academy for Peace

2. Number of Volunteers: 1

3. Description of Local Project

Cultural Academy for Peace, an organization established in 1984 has been committed to
the empowerment and rights of women and children. Its members have committed their
lives to active Non Violent social change, with focus on women and Children.

Over the Past 25 years our activities include providing alternative living condition for
the victims of domestic violence, Women’s crisis intervention centers and counseling
centers, educational and empowerment programmes, education programme for adolescent
girls, legal aid and referral centers, numerous campaigns to focus on women’s issues,
advocacy and lobbying for women’s rights, non-violence and conflict management skill
training, peace education, Interfaith dialogues, Formation and strengthening of peace
clubs in various school etc.

4. Feild of Work: Documenting and handling Communication

5. Special Qualifications recommended: writing and speaking skills in English,
Computer Skills (MS office, MS Word etc.)

6. Description of the task of Volunteers:

The volunteer
Ø Handle Communication(Local and International)
Ø Coordination with network organizations
Ø Regular update of Website
Ø Organize and edit the articles prepared for Newsletter
Ø Prepare programme reports
Ø Documenting consultations, meetings and workshops

The volunteer will need to have a deeper understanding of the projects and activities of
Cultural Academy for Peace.

II. Support worker for Emergency Crisis and Rehabilitation Center

1. Project Host: Sakhi – Shanthi Bhavan, Cultural Academy for Peace

2. Number of Volunteers: 1

3. Description of Local Project

“Sakhi is a friend who supports, a mother who nurtures and a sister who consoles every
distressed woman and girl who comes to her”.

SAKHI an initiative of Cultural Academy for Peace, aims to lend a helping hand to
women and children in distress and in dangerous situations .The emergency drop in
Centre gives counseling, care and protection for women and girls, who are suffering from
mental and physical harassment, torture, victims of suicidal attempts, sexual abuse and
domestic violence.

People who approach SAKHI include

Ø Women whose husbands are in prison and subsequently were thrown out of their
houses by landlords and have no shelter
Ø Women who have attempted to commit suicide
Ø Victims of Domestic Violence
Ø Adolescent girls belonging to Below Poverty Line families who encounter
difficulties and drop out from schools
Ø Women and girls who are victims of trafficking and sexual abuse
Ø Daughters of sex workers
Ø Deserted pregnant women

Women victimized by alcoholic spouses
Women abused by personality disoriented partners
Women and children who are abandoned by their families
Physically challenged women and children

Last year we have handled 171 cases, in which 149 were domestic violence victims
and 19 were those abandoned by their relatives. We were able to provide shelter for 67

4. Field of Work: Emotional and Social Support for the residents of shelter home,

5. Special Skills required: preferably those with an empathetic understanding of the
situation, Good Inter personal relationship, familiarity with creative arts and learning
techniques. Experience in working in similar centers is also preferable.

6. Description of the task of volunteer:

Female volunteers are preferred, since the shelter home is for women. The Volunteer
may be involved in the coordination of daily routine activities of residents. Most of the
residents are victims of violence suffering from Physical and psychological trauma, the
volunteers are to provide Socio psychological and emotional support to the victims. The
volunteers are to assist the residents visit to the doctor and also provide medical care.
The volunteer need to take case studies of the residents and awareness classes based
on relevant social issues. The volunteer can help residents gain self confidence through
trauma healing, empowerment programmes, personality development training classes and
exercises etc.

The volunteer can assist the students at the shelter home with tuitions in subjects like
Math, Science and English and also help improve their communication in English. The
volunteer can involve the children by using Creative learning methods can encourage
children to and develop learning skills and involve them in activities like drawing, drama,
singing etc.

Communication and documentation are all in English, the project staff will support
the volunteers to interact with the residents. The residents speak the local language
Malayalam, few of them can understand English, but cannot converse.

III. Community Support Facilitator

1. Project Host: Sustainability
Decentralization (SPED) III

2. Number of Volunteers: 1




3. Description of Local Project
The target areas which have been selected for the implementation of SPED-III are coastal
villages that lie in the North –Western part of Cochin. People traditionally belong to
fisherfolk and their main occupation is fishing. Other than this agriculture especially
coconut and paddy are also the major source of income for the community.

Majority of the people belong to Below Poverty Line families. Unemployment is a severe
problem faced by the young generation of the community. Seasonal unemployment
is also exists here especially during the rainy seasons. According to the statistical
studies done by United Nations Vypin has the highest population density in the
continent of Asia. With increase in population due to migration and new programmes
like Vallarpadam terminal the area is subjected to social evils like human trafficking,
smuggling etc. most of the areas are below sea level, which causes stagnation of water
and affects the sanitation and hygiene of the locals.

The major objectives of the project are

Ø Promotion of community Health
Ø Sustainable Livelihood initiative for 90 women
Ø Implementation of 25 Sustainable Livelihood initiatives for women affected or
infected by HIV/AIDS.
Ø Gender Sensitization
Ø Environment consciousness building

Ø Capacity building and Good governance.

4. Field of work: Community Intervention

5. Special skills required: preferably those with skills, knowledge and aptitude in
community development activities

6. Description of the task of volunteer
The volunteer will be engaged in empowerment and activism in community based
settings to bring about social change and improve the quality of life.
Ø Identifying community issues, needs and problems
Ø Developing new community-based programmes and resources
Ø Evaluating and monitoring existing programmes;
Ø Helping to raise public awareness on issues relevant to the community
Ø Providing leadership and coordination of programmes
Ø Acting as facilitator to promote self-help in the community
Ø Preparing reports
Ø Planning, attending and coordinating meetings and events
Ø Encouraging participation in activities

IV Support Worker – Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution Training Center
1. Project Host: Training centre for Peace and Conflict Reconciliation, Cultural
Academy for Peace

2. Number of Volunteers: 1

3. Description of Local Project:
The training Centre of Cultural Academy for Peace with a team of internationally trained
trainers provides several training programmes on Peace Building, Active nonviolence,
Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Gender Sensitization etc. The purpose of the training is
to provide the skills which helps one transform conflict into opportunity .The opportunity
in mediation is to repair/ improve relationships damaged by conflicts.

Cultural Academy for Peace has formed a National Coalition for the implementation of
UN Security Council Resolution 1325.
The training is imparted to groups consisting of

Educationists and entrepreneurs

Government, police and local leaders.

Religious and secular groups and institutions

Students and youth

Motivated men and women from all walks of life

The centre has also initiated Peace Clubs in schools to impart peace activities and
programmes for students.

4. Field of Work: Peace education training and Peace Clubs

5. Special Skills required: preferably those who have the interest to be involved in peace

6. Description of task of volunteer
Ø Coordinating activities of the peace clubs in schools

Ø Promoting activities for students of Peace Clubs

Ø Encouraging participation of students in peace activities

Ø Assist in training programmes

Ø Participation in workshops


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