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Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti

managed by A. Ionescu

About us

We are Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti (RSDP), a local organization from Ploiesti, Romania, dedicated to helping local stray animals. We stand for reducing stray animal numbers through mass sterilization; educating the local population with regard to humane animal treatment, responsible ownership and the importance of sterilizing one's pets; improving the welfare of existing animals; and facilitating good quality, responsible adoptions.

The RSDP is made of a group of educated people of all ages and backgrounds who share a commitment to helping local animals. We also have similar mindsets and our priority represents reducing stray animal numbers humanely through mass sterilization campaigns, so that no pup would ever be born to be abandoned again. We have a proactive approach, focusing on prevention of suffering. Apart from the physical integrity of an animal, we also care greatly about animal's welfare on all levels.



A. Ionescu

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