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Sajonisi Youth Radio

managed by S. Shozi

About us

Sajonisi Youth Radio is newly formed community radio station which has been registered as non-profit organization with the following Registration No 089-714-NPO,We have currently received a 4 year Class Service Community Broadcasting Licence, It has been approved on the Date of 07-03-2013 by Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (ICASA),Its frequency will be in 88.5 Fm in the region of Port St Johns (Eastern Cape Province) in South Africa not far from place of the birth of Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela which has 137 Villages with +-157000 population according Stats of South Africa, Port St Johns is the small rural town which is facing a huge problem of poverty, with no job opportunities,problem of high rates of HIV and Aids, therefore The Station will be broadcasting programmes that are dealing with the daily challenges facing women,youth,people with disabilities and the community at large,The focuses will be more on empowering our fellow young brothers and sisters to have better understanding with ever changing of technologies in (ICT) industries,Our rural communities are turned to be sidelined with developments and opportunities that are there for them, We want to develop an informed society, We want to build a sustainable community radion station in Port St Johns,We want to build SYR FM as a social movement,a voice of the people and the civil society,We want to contribute in Youth Development and skills development making sure that we develop and train responsible youth that is not involved in drugs abused,The radio station will play huge role in our community,We also want to make sure that our small rural town will be the best Town and promote UBUNTU that is Humanity.


3 Berea Road
Port St Johns
South Africa

S. Shozi

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