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Casa do Vapor

managed by C. do Vapor

About us

Casa do Vapor [Steam House] is a collaborative project in Cova do Vapor, a self-built neighbourhood just outside Lisbon, created by members of EXYZT, the Associação de Moradores da Cova and local inhabitants.

Cova do Vapor is a fishermen’s village within Lisbon’s Tejo estuary which stands out for its strong sense of community and unique architectural heritage based on a tradition of self-building.

During the summer months of 2013, Casa do Vapor will provide a meeting point for the local inhabitants, architects, artists, surfers and other visitors from all over Europe.

The Casa do Vapor project is conceived as a new public space, proposing workshops, forums, performances and diverse other activities. It is providing a residency space, performance and workshop area, a bar, a hammam and various facilities for the inhabitants of Cova and the beach users. The project will run from April to October 2013, linking a cultural residency programme with sportive and alternative commercial activities that will contribute for its sustainability.

Latest project news


  C. do Vapor  24 April 2013 at 01:27 PM

We just started building the house !

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Av. Martins Correia, 225 - Cova Do Vapor

C. do Vapor

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