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COST Charitable Trust

managed by Samuel Raj

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Charity Tour to South India is a project to care and develop the orphan and needy children in four states of south India. These children were impoverished, abused, and misused. Now we need your help to construct the facility for a future self-sufficient children's home for 100 children, school for 800 children and medical clinic. And We have also decided to build a school center in a remote tribal area in south India including children's home. The school center will consist of a kindergarten, a primary, secondary and vocational school and serve both our children as well as poor people in the community to get an affordable chance for education. All donors will participate South India Charity Tour and volunteering.

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  Samuel Raj  21 February 2015 at 02:37 PM

Dear Friends
If you sponsor one child in India you will get chance to join free charity Tours in South India.
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