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About us

Mercy children's home is a home specifically for the orphaned children in our village. Mercy children's home is run and maintained by mercy church members who contribute whatever little the Lord blesses them with to reach out to these precious orphaned children.It is our responsibility as a church to show love to these children as demonstrated in the Holy Bible.We have 32 children of whom 20 are girls and 12 are boys.All are under 12 years of age with the youngest having 3 years.During week days our church building serves as classes for these children, this is simply because we are not able to put up classrooms and we are appealing to whoever the Lord will touch and whoever the Holy Spirit will lead to help us put up classrooms for these dear children to use as classes.We also require to put up hostels since as of now they are housed by the church members which sometimes proves difficult due to the fact that the church members also have got families to take care of.So sometimes some are mistreated more especially the girl child.




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