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Global Friends

managed by K. Abbasi

About us

Global Friends is a not for profit organization founded in 1997 with the primary objective to work for the rights of women and children, social justice, empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable people and mitigation of conflicts through education.
Legally registered under Pakistan Societies Act 1860 with Joint Stock Registrar of Azad Kashmir Government, the organization is striving hard to create opportunities for women, men, children and young to achieve their full potential for progress and prosperity of their respective communities.
Since its establishment GF has been actively involved in the welfare of rural population with primary focus on women folks to empower them for their basic rights, social justice, and poverty alleviation as well as promoting education and supporting local communities to send their girls to schools.
There are a lot of obstacles that keep girls away from school and make it harder for them to get a good quality education. Poverty, early and forced marriage, and growing insecurity make it more difficult for girls to attend school. The lack of female teachers is also a problem. Many girls don't go to school because parents don't feel comfortable with them being taught by men or with boys. Many schools don't have buildings – so girls are forced to learn in tents or in the open air.
The organization at present is building a school at Sarli Sacha, a remote mountainous village of Azad Kashmir in northern Pakistan. The village has no school for girls within seven kilometers radius leaving the girls of the village without education. There is huge discrepancy between the education of male and female children that hampers the empowerment of girls and women


Shoukat Lines, Gojra

K. Abbasi

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