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managed by Lina L.

About us

We are an international network of people, institutes, firms and groups, involved and dedicated to
arts and culture, health and ecology,
youth and further education,
spirituality and intercultural understanding
In spring 2000, Prokulturgut.Net (N.G.O. Non Governmental Organization) was founded as a central organization, which promotes several projects of different disciplinary activities.
Since the middle of the 80’s, the members of our network are active and run cultural and training organizations, art schools, media companies, as well as socio-therapeutic, ecologic, business and manufacturing institutions.
Together, they commit themselves in nonprofit projects of public utility.
Our job is to develop and improve the daily individual complex life due to a support of creative and natural powers, but also by reflection and co-design to reach a positive social situation.
The idea of the connection or the oneness of all existences forces us to use our own skills and qualities for the sake of everyone.
Because of that, the ambition of the association Prokulturgut.Net is to promote:
• Advancement of the education for young people and adults
• Exchange of the international art and culture
• Health, protection of nature and environment
• International encouragement and holism
• Implementation of understanding and international tolerance
of all culture aspects and ways of thinking


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