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Centro Integral Warmi

managed by Claudia J.

About us

WARMI is a small non-profit community center that provides multifaceted social services for a neighborhood on the outskirts of Cochabamba.
Its mission is:
"Empowering to children and their families to strengthen their potential as responsible, independent and involved members of their community.".
Its goals are to:
-Provide educational and other support for women, children, and adolescents
-Assist women emigrating from rural areas as they integrate into the city by helping them attain economic stability and providing affordable daycare, support groups, and educational workshops
-Provide health insurance and meals to children who would not have access without the support of WARMI
-Run a small cooperatively-run soap factory to help financially sustain the organization’s community programs
-Offer workshops on legal advice, hygiene and nutrition
-Organize women’s empowerment groups to provide a safe space for women to gather and share knowledge
-Offer daycare services for infants and children, including development activities, meals, and general caretaking
-Support students in the community by providing tutoring programs, a library, extracurricular activities, clubs, and a scholarship program for the older students pursuing degrees
-Provide affordable health insurance to Center participants that do not already have insurance

Latest project news

Cierre definitivo de Warmi

  Claudia J.  09 June 2016 at 05:54 AM

Lamentamos comunicarles que el Centro Integral Warmi ha tenido que cerrar sus puertas por la fuerte crisis económica que está sufriendo el país y en especial las ONGs, sin embargo, todas las personas que conocen nuestro trabajo y han estado en Warmi están muy concientes que hemos hecho todo lo posible durante 33 años de sobrevivir a las crisis que hemos tenido en toda la historia. Hemos logrado ayudar a los 2000 niños y 10000 beneficiarios indirectos como ser sus familias entre ellos hermanos y madres de familia. Gracias por todo su apoyo y en especial por haber formado parte de esta gran familia de Warmi. Nosotros Claudia, Elena, el personal y especialmente todos los niños nunca los olvidaremos porque han dejado una gran huella en nuestro corazón y todas las semillas sembradas, hoy están dando muchos frutos de amor.  QUE DIOS LES BENDIGA POR SIEMPRE, ESTAN EN NUESTRO CORAZÓN!

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Claudia J.

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