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Alashanek Ya Balady for Sustainable Development

managed by F. El Batrawi

About us

“Alashanek Ya Balady” Association for Sustainable Development (AYB) is one of the most
innovative, dynamic and successful youth NGOs in Egypt. It was first established as a student
club at the American University in Cairo back in 2002 to promote the concept of volunteerism
among Egyptian youth and to introduce them to “development” as a wider domain and a
demonstration of collective social efforts combating poverty and complementing traditional
Since 2003, AYB student club model at the AUC has been replicated and applied across several
other universities in Egypt that include Ain Shams University and Cairo University. It is still
continuing to reach more and more universities in Egypt. Later in 2005, AYB was registered as
an Egyptian NGO. AYB student clubs continued their activity and are expanding as members of
a franchising system innovatively designed and adopted by AYB. (Please refer to the franchise
AYB believes in the power of the civic sector to create innovative opportunities for the
underprivileged to sustain their lives, and stimulate the effective engagement of youth in
solving society’s problems. In addition, there is a firm belief in the necessity of involving the
private and public sector in the course of social change where the partnerships among the civic,
private and public sectors collectively lead and empower the transformation of the inefficient
social structures of society. AYB carries the vision of the social change that does not offer
temporary solutions for developmental challenges, but is rather identified with its ability to
eradicate the root causes of these challenges.
AYB aims at changing stereotypes, advocating for labor rights and minimum wage, supporting
profitable projects that can progressively turn into an effective instrument contributing to the
economic environment, along with tailoring its learning and coaching approach to private
sector needs to ultimately serve a successful placement. These aspirations do not go without
comprehensive family development that supports the inclusion of every member of society.
The success of AYB’s development model enhances community and youth participation and
creates a sense of social responsibility on both the national and regional level to eventually
reach a better reality for Egypt and the region.
“Alashanek ya Balady” is completely composed of a team of young Egyptian leaders. It is an
organization built upon the unconditional commitment and devotion of the young social
change agents – both full timers and volunteers - who believe in their ability to lead the way
towards a better tomorrow for Egypt.


villa 20, street 106, Maadi

F. El Batrawi

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