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Kids for Kids e.V.

managed by Klaus Dieter G.

About us

The association Kids for Kids is its own association and is selfless actively and pursued not primarily self-economical purposes and is appreciative for this reason as non-profit.

A goal is it:
To give that hearing and a voice, which have no own lobby.

Particularly in third countries by it children are affected.
These children live in most extreme poverty and are constantly suspended force, crime, prostitution, sexual abuse and national arbitrariness.
Many of them advisablely besides because of trifle crimes in conflict with the law and become arrested.
To survive by the stay in national prisons it under other traumatized to dismiss and it have only then by criminal activities on the road the possibility.

Without assistance are very small from the outside hope, the future prospect and a child-fair development.
These children have neither entrance to education and public health services - still they protected against sexual abuse or exploitation are by adults.



Klaus Dieter G.

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