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SyrienHilfe e.V.

managed by K. Malige

About us

Syrienhilfe e.V. (Aid to Syria Association) was founded to promote humanitarian aid to Syria.
A group of doctors, engineers, archaeologists, teachers and artists has decided to establish the charitable association „Syrienhilfe e.V.“, in order to help the victims of the Syrian conflict.

Some of the association's founding members have known and appreciated the country and its hospitable people for many years. The beginning of the conflict has affected us strongly. Through personal reports we know about many refugees' problems and some of the dramatic humanitarian emergencies in Syrian families.

This non-profit organization is strictly humanitarian and ist not driven by any political motivation. With the association and your charitable contribution we hope to provide help directly to as many people as possible. In addition to suppliying food, clothes, accommodation and medical treatment, we also focus on giving emotional an moral support to those in need; to give them back a part of their dignity, to maintain their security and let them know that we are thinking of them!

Your donation helps Syria and its people!

Thank you very much!

There are no government-related middlemen, so your donation will reach those in need directly and as fast as possible!

Latest project news

Ich habe 8.172,54 € Spendengelder erhalten

  K. Malige  18 June 2019 at 05:52 PM

Mit dieser großartigen Auszahlung können wir in Idlib fast 50 Zelte aufbauen um Binnenflüchtlinge darin unterzubringen, können ganze 150 Carepakete bezahlen, die wir Anfang Juni in Damaskus an hungernde Familien verteilt haben, dürfen über 300 Dosen Babymilch kaufen um sie an Mütter mit Säuglingen zu verteilen, die in der extremen Stresssituation in Nordsyrien nicht in der Lage sind, ihre Babys zu stillen, können zukunftswichtige Bildungsprojekte fortführen, Taschengelder an verarmte SyrerInnen ausgeben, damit sie sich selbst mit Dingen des täglichen Bedarfs versorgen können und es ist uns möglich, innersyrische Flüchtlingsfamilien im Raum Damaskus in Wohnungen unterzubringen...

Danke! Von Herzen! 

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