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Schule fürs Leben

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Schule fürs Leben is the German partner organization of Escuela para la Vida (School for Life). Together these organizations fight with great success for education and personal development of children and young people with low incomes in Montebello and Cali, Colombia. Many residents of Montebello are part of the nearly 6 million internally displaced people in the country and cannot count on the help of the government nor on the protection of the Refugee Convention of the UN.
The first, already completed project is a school in Montebello called Colegio de las Aguas, offering kindergarten, primary and secondary school and evening classes. In addition there are training workshops for young people on the grounds of the Colegio de las Aguas, where they can learn a profession. Thereby they can find a way out of crime and prostitution for them and their families.
However, protection of the environment is also very important for Schule fürs Leben and Escuela para la Vida, this is why all the buildings of the Colegio de las Aguas were built with bamboo and even the latest educational project Guadual10 is all about this sustainable material. Bamboo is a typical material in the area that is growing rapidly and absorbs a lot of CO2. Therefore it is a very environmental friendly construction material.

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Spendengelder, die nicht mehr für das Projekt ausgegeben werden können  14 February 2018 at 05:13 PM

Liebe Spender,
bei Projekten, bei denen Spendengelder über einen langen Zeitraum hinweg nicht angefordert wurden, sehen das Gesetz und unsere Nutzungsbedingungen vor, dass die Spenden von der gemeinnützigen AG (Betreiberin von zeitnah für deren satzungsmäßige Zwecke verwendet werden müssen.

Deshalb setzen wir die noch nicht verwendeten Spendengelder für diese Zwecke ein

Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung,

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