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Radical Global Change

managed by F. Röder

About us

Capitalism cannot keep its promise of providing a good living standard for most people in this world. While an ever increasing number of people are living in poverty and have difficulties fulfilling their most basic needs, international corporations and conglomerate banks implement a programme of economic modernisation, which ultimately only serves to fulfil their shareholders’ expected return on investments. People are increasingly aware that wealth is being redistributed from the bottom to the top with political support. The increasing impoverishment of broad segments of the population is taken for granted by businesses maximising profits and balancing books not worth the paper they are written on. Although the world currently produces more than enough food to feed all of its inhabitants, over one billion people worldwide suffer from malnourishment and hunger. Nuclear power companies are still destroying the world’s environment, although alternative forms of energy have long been available and could be used on a much larger scale. Under pressure from the nuclear power and fossil fuel companies, the government is currently finding excuses to slow down renewable energy programmes with the excuse of rising costs in energy prices for consumers – deliberately ignoring major price increases over the period prior to the prioritisation of renewable energies including the astronomic costs of the production of nuclear power and rising oil prices due to a reducing in available oil sources. Lobbying prevents further progress and unravels progress achieved over decades of social protest. Shareholders accumulate more and more wealth, and our antisocial monetary system leads to even more concentration in the ownership of wealth and property. Such a system has lost its legitimacy. We are also witnessing drastic cutbacks in health care, education, state pension schemes, a drop in real incomes, in short a major dismantling of the welfare state and the systematic withdrawal of employees rights, e.g. through the replacement of secure jobs with temporary contracts, – for which the generations before us fought and risked their lives. In the face of growing resistance among the people to such policies, individual national governments, the EU states and the G20 have equipped themselves with the most modern security, defence and surveillance systems. Governments finance questionable research projects such as the latest mission to Mars to the tune of around 2.5 trillion Euros, and expensive military technology, but inadequate fund programmes to stop hunger and to provide health care for the world’s poor. Under capitalism, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the accumulation of wealth. 350 Billionaires own as much as the poorer half of the world’s population – such an injust system must be stopped. We need the resistance from a broad support base from across society, so that people are placed above profit, and so that the economy serves the people and not the other way around. Anyone can take action today by changing banks and boycotting firms that violate and trample on ethical, social and ecological rights and standards. Promoting a sense of community among neighbours, among Europeans, among all people on this planet is one of our most important goals. Global Change requires solidarity and a common consciousness: an understanding that we all live on one and the same planet, that we must and how we can use its resources fairly and sustainably, in other words sparingly, a change in mentality by each and every one of us, leading on to a change in behaviour. This is kind of the change which we would like to initiate through our work. And what comes after Capitalism? We’re working on visions, models and solutions. Support us.


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F. Röder

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