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Children's Hope Uganda

managed by K. David

About us

Children’s Hope Uganda is committed to building long-term community benefits for the people in Busoga and Uganda. With years of experience in humanitarian efforts, our vision is to bring relief to the families where it is needed most. Please join us in this effort by becoming a member of the Children’s Hope Uganda family.
is dedicated to improving the lives of orphans and neglected children in remote communities in Busoga. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches the distant areas or village members, yet sometimes they are the ones who need it most.
For us, every individual counts, whether in an area of great media coverage or not, we believe that ethnic communities around Busoga would benefit from being a part of the Children’s Hope Uganda Family.
Our focus on the community helps us to have a wider reaching impact in the lives of children and families made vulnerable through poverty, disease and circumstances beyond their control.

1. Promoting and supporting health and hygiene of those children and their immediate environment.
2. Assisting the orphans and disadvantaged children to acquire higher education through sponsorship.
3. Provision of material, financial and moral support to the vulnerable groups in the area where they live.
4. To advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS.
5. To liase with other organizations in the field of HIV and child care in and outside Uganda.
6. To liase with other organization whose aims and objectives are similar to help in furthering the objectives of the organization.
7. Improving basic needs in communities to give communities tools to become stronger communities with good future prospects.
8. Empowering communities to be become independent and self-sustainable communities.
9. Setting up training programs and income generating activities in the fields of health, education ,agriculture and empowerment.
The organization is managed by group of personel who are both skilled and practical, experience in different sectors of the country. The organization has volunteer workers from within and outside the country of which 3 (three) are the major promoters.

1. David Kawomera-Executive Director (Uganda)
2. Stella Asio (Uganda)
3. Peter oullo-Managing Director (Ugandan)
4. Eric ojok secretary (Uganda)

Intervention s management plan and organization / chart.
This project is currently managed/ run by volunteers as indicated below:
The communities members (executive committee) currently not being paid and are charged with the following responsibilities.
Making and amendment of constitutions
Recruitment and dismissal where necessary of project staff
Monitoring and evaluation of project activities
Lobbying for funds from other source donors/ individual families to ensure rapid development of the project.
The project coordinator he/she carries out the following activities:
Planning coordination and implementation of project activities
Day to day management of project and staff.
Reports to the executive committee.
The project Accountant he/ she carries out the following activities.
Keeps all financial records of the project.
Prepares monthly and yearly budget for the project operation.
Updates project books of accounts.
Report to the coordinator and the executive committees.
Social workers(2)
Identification and registration of the beneficiaries.
Mobilization of the communities .
Counseling and guidance.
Payment of school fees and provision of scholastic materials.
Monthly following-up of children.
Report to the project coordinator.
Secretary .
Filling all project documents.
Keeps minutes of every meeting of the project
Sending and receiving emails of the project
Welcoming visitors to the project office.
Office messenger
Cleaning premises of the office
Opening and closing office premises
Ensuring safety of documents and assets.
Performing any other duty that may be assigned time to time.
1. To intervene in research ,material development ,capacity building through training ,social support ,for youth, pre-marital and marriage counseling and promoting voluntary activities.
2. To partner with both local and international organization and individuals with the same objectives.
3. To develop and adopt complimentary communication methods and channels through music, video film shows, dance and drama as a means of reaching out under a group of people.

-Most of work activity is done within the village pilots district of ,Kamuli our offices at Kiyunga in Kamuli District.
The Mission of Children’s Hope Ugandais to bring relief to all ethnic groups, especially focusing on orphans and abandoned children and families in remote areas of Busoga. Moving people toward a new vision and enabling them with the skills and resources for a brighter future.
Children’s Hope Uganda is exploiting the possibility of seeking for volunteers, donors, and communities and partnering with the local community, improving the reality and livelihoods.
1. The organization is seeking for the possibility of setting up a school for needy and orphanage and shall be established to cater for the affected.
2. A hospital shall be constructed for the community basically to cater for all those living with HIV/AIDS and normal treatment centers shall be set up.
3. A research firm institute shall be set up for the organization .Dairy cattle, (exotic cows) exotic goats ,banana plantation passion fruits, mangoes and all sorts of nutrition and products shall be produced.
4. Acquisition of emergency ambulance for the hospital in case of referral cases and a double cabin shall be acquired for the field staffs for the purposes of monitoring.
5. The executive director/ founder shall visit the funds in their home countries to discuss the progress of the project and funders shall come to monitor their funds on the ground.


1. Sponsorship programme.
2. Dairy farming

Agricultural activities.
3. Sensitization on HIV/AIDS ,counseling and guidance

4. Sensitization on HIV/AIDS ,counseling and guidance


nawanyago-kisozi-kamuli road

K. David

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