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Real Improvement Gross root Human Tribes Society

managed by T. JAYAPAUL

About us

About RIGHTS Organisation; We the members of Real improvement Gross Roots Human Tribes Society (RIGHTS) would like to say about, how we selected this particular name? Process of selection at the time of selection we invited the some of the experts, NGO friends and intellectuals to suggest for naming the organization, among the intellectuals, Sociologists anthropologists and Real Social Workers are also participated.
Keeping the Global prospective in view that our participants obliged to put the name as above described the great philosopher “ROSO” according to his every body is born free, but every where in chains. The chains of social customs, legal rules, etc., now the world is tightly fixed with chain on freely born human beings.Every human being also belongs to one of the ancient Tribes according to the old testment of the Bible, the Great Masters “JESUS”,MAHAMMED” and even” “MAHATMA GANDHI” the liberates are not excluded from the origin of Tribes as per the ancient history of the poets reveals us so after lengthy and deep discussion. We the participants came to a conclusion to put name to our Society as ‘REAL IMPROVEMENT GROSS ROOTS HUMAN TRIBES SOCIETY (RIGHTS)’ in order to overcome the chains, customs, etc., which are not suitable for modern human life. The ‘Real Improvement Grass root Human Tribes Society’, RIGHTS has on Executive Governens with a deep social concern and commitment in the sphere of Non-Governmental social service.
Where we work:The “RIGHTS” is organizationally categorized as Non-profit and Non-Governmental Grass Root Organization working on Health, Education and Rural Development in SPSR Nellore Dist & Prakasam Dist of A.P., South India. RIGHTS working in Remote Rural Areas like Varikuntapadu Mandal of SPSR Nellore Dist, Pamuru of Prakasam Dist. Which are 150 km from district Headquarters also we are having field offices registered Head office at Nellore town we are working both urban and rural.

Legal status and nationality: Non-profit orgaization, INDIA Registered under Societies Act 1860 with Govt. of A.P. wide Reg. No.246/1993 and also Registered with Govt. of India Ministry Home affairs under foreign contribution regulation act. Wide No. 010130093

Vision: Creation of a just and Equitable Hormone Society with Active Participation of women Folk, “RIGHTS” visualize itself a peoples initiative for protecting RIGHTS of women, Children, the Elderly and the sick people without discrimination on Caste, Creed, Region or religion.
Mission: Empowering people to avail themselves of their rights and to persuade them to participate in development process will be the Mission of RIGHTS this will be achieved through Education, Human Resource development Networking with other groups, safe health and environment improving living condition of people through strengthening their families community and such other democratic movements.
Moto: Women Empowerment is only way to Order Human Society.

1. Better Education, Health and Opportunities for poor people
2. Basic health care for all, accessing the diagnostic facilities to poor
3. Accessing effective universal primary education to all.
4. Literacy, access to Information and life skills training for sustainable livelihood.
5. Access of poor people to land, resources and markets.
6. Removal of gender discrimination.
7. Development of efficient and well regulated markets.
8. Sustainable management of physical and Natural Resources.
9. Projects and better movement of natural physical Environment.
10. Efficient use of productive capacity.
11. Policies and actions which promote sustainable livelihoods to the poor.
12. Accessing safe drinking water and food security to the poor.
13. Digester preparedness and mitigation.
14. Natural resources Management and protection.
Strategy: RIGHTS believes that development for the poor without referring their circumstances is neither conceivable for sustainable. Development can be self-sustaining only if it brings about a change in the entire Socio Economic matrix governing their lives. In order to reach the poor stage of social l Consciousness and Empowerment. RIGHTS consider the following four interventions as crucial Human Resource development, attitudinal changes, economic development and Self-Management.




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