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Foundation for Rural Education, Wildlife and Env.

managed by W. Adetona

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This project aims to tackle two very important issues regarding students enrollment and performance in schools in The Gambia, West Africa. Due to abject poverty especially in rural parts of The Gambia where over seventy per cent of the population resides, many children cannot afford to go to school. Even those in school are dropping out as the parents cannot afford to sustain their academic pursuits due to financial constraints. Many of these kids also have to walk for kilometers before getting to the nearest school and they arrive the school on empty stomach.
Foundation for Rural Education, Wildlife and Environment, over the years, have been providing funds from its meager resources to pay school fees and purchase educational materials for the poor but academically-gifted kids so that they can attain their potentials. But we also realize that many of these students suffer from hunger and do not have access to balanced diet. It is in view of this, considering the fact that hundreds of students with high intelligent quotient drop out of school every year, that we are launching this project that covers dual initiatives.
The project involves payment of school fees for the best students of poor background, purchase of educational materials as well as providing one meal a day in twenty rural schools to start with. These will contribute a lot to the achievement of the second target of the Millennium Development Goals which aims to achieve Universal Access to Education by 2015. No amount is insignificant as it is an ongoing project and donors will be contacted and provided with Letters of Recognition on an annual basis and Certificates for as long as they partner with us to salvage the educational fortunes of these kids.
For individuals and organizations interested in partnering with us on this project, we can be contacted through any of the following:

Foundation for Rural Education, Wildlife and Environment,
Kombo North District, West Coast Region,
P.O. Box 203, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa.

Telephone Numbers: +220-9546722, +220-7746722, +220-3746722, +220-6546722
Email: or

Best Regards,
William Adejuyigbe Adetona,
Executive Director.


Forewengam Skills Training Centre, Banjulunding, West Coast Region
P.O. Box 203, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

W. Adetona

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